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XPO Women Driver Forum at 24h du Mans Camions

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Second XPO Women Driver Forum

XPO Logistics reaching out to engage more women in transportation and logistics professions

XPO à la finale du Trophée des Routiers

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XPO in Trophée Des Routiers

XPO Logistics to Participate in the Final of the Trophée Des Routiers, a Competition That Highlights the Importance of Road Transport Professionals

XPO P400

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XPO's new multimodal route

XPO operates a new multimodal route between Santander and Liverpool, increasing freight capacity for customers by 25%

XPO LESS truck

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XPO and Tour de France

XPO Logistics to serve as official transport partner for the 110th Tour de France with trucks powered by sustainable biofuel

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Round Table on HR Best Practices

XPO invites key partners to a round table in Birmingham to discuss best practices in HR around neurodiversity and menopause

XPO new platform in Lyon region

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New Platform in Arnas

XPO Expands Palletized Distribution and Last Mile Delivery in Lyon Region

Racing Champion Jennifer Janiec

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XPO and Jennifer Janiec

XPO signs a partnership with Jennifer Janiec, entrepreneur and French truck racing champion

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Five new multimodal corridors

XPO continues to connect European trade areas with five new multimodal corridors

Emmanuel Arnaud

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Welcome, Emmanuel Arnaud

XPO Appoints Emmanuel Arnaud as Operations Director for Europe