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Two women on a transport site

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The French Diversity Charter

XPO Logistics expands its commitment to inclusion as a signatory of the French Diversity Charter

Greener Transport Solutions


Partnering for Greener Solutions

how we help our customers reduce their transportation emissions by taking the three following steps

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First Electric Truck in France

XPO Logistics Invests in Sustainable Urban Deliveries with the Introduction of Its First Electric Truck in France

XPO Joins Lean & Green in Spain

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XPO Joins Lean & Green Initiative

XPO Logistics joins Lean & Green initiative in Spain for CO2 emissions reduction

Night delivery with EV truck in Madrid

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First Fully Electric Truck in Spain

XPO introduces its first fully electric truck in Spain, jointly with Volvo Truck

Christine Robinne, VP Technology - Europe

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Benvenuta, Christine Robinne

XPO Logistics nomina Christine Robinne Head of Technology per Europa

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Sponsoring Birmingham Pride

XPO Logistics expands support of LGBTQ+ employees and allies by sponsoring Birmingham Pride

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Virtual IMHX Connect

XPO Logistics executive to speak on the evolution of customer demand at Virtual IMHX Connect

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XPO nomina Mayte Galeano

XPO Logistics nomina Mayte Galeano Direttore delle Risorse Umane per il Sud Europa e il Marocco