XPO is awarded FNTR’s premium ESG label in France for "Responsible Transport and Logistics"

XPO, a leading provider of freight transportation services, has been awarded the premium label for "Responsible Transport and Logistics" by the National Road Transport Federation (FNTR) in France. The premium label attests to XPO’s culture of corporate responsibility and the company’s proactive policies for environmental, social and governance (ESG) advancement.  
FNTR worked with the independent advisory group EthiFinance to create the first ESG rating in France dedicated to the road transport sector. To obtain the premium "Responsible Transport and Logistics" label, XPO had to achieve an overall score of at least 75 out of 100 from among all companies with more than 250 employees evaluated by EthiFinance.  
Bruno Kloeckner, XPO’s managing director – France, said: "We thank FNTR for honouring XPO with their first ESG label at the premium level. This award is shared by all our teams in France — together, we take concrete actions to be a responsible leader in transport and logistics. Importantly, the label also recognizes our CSR commitment to our customers". 

XPO’s long tradition of operational excellence in sustainable development 

XPO has been a signatory of the Objectif CO2 Charter of the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME) since 2007, and has been a signatory of the French Diversity Charter since 2021
The company’s commitment to the environment is illustrated by its investment in vehicles powered by alternative fuels, the development of multimodal transport solutions, the implementation of technologies for optimal fuel use, and its goal of equipping all XPO sites in France with 100% LED lighting by 2023. In addition, XPO trains its drivers in eco-friendly techniques and trains its sales teams in alternative fuels for customer applications. 
The social attributes of XPO’s culture are reflected in its strong focus on workplace health and safety, and in numerous company initiatives that create equal opportunities for employees through skills development. The company’s core values of diversity and inclusion are fostered through its partnerships with social organisations and its employees receive inclusivity training to help them combat discrimination.