From 2019 to 2021, XPO achieved a 26% improvement in greenhouse gas emissions per tonne and per kilometre in transport operations in France. The average emissions performance of XPO’s gas and diesel fleet is 11% to 30% better than the fleet performance of other transport companies recorded by the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME), depending on vehicle and fuel type. 

XPO Logistics, a leading provider of freight transportation services, has extended its commitment to the French Objective CO2 Charter for an additional three years as a signatory of the charter through 2024. The Objective CO2 Charter utilises a system for evaluating the environmental performance of road transport managed by the ADEME. 
As part of its commitment to the charter, XPO has proposed an action plan to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 5.33% by 2024, from a 2021 baseline. The plan, which has been validated by the ADEME, encompasses a total of 12 actions in the areas of Vehicles, Fuel, Drivers and Network Flow:  


  • Action 1: Increase the number of transport vehicles equipped with long axle ratios to limit fuel consumption.
  • Action 2: Increase the number of vehicles equipped with energy-efficient autonomous air conditioning.


  • Action 3: Increase the number of vehicles equipped with on-board telematics to better control fuel consumption.
  • Action 4: Develop the use of bioGNV fuel (methanisation of organic waste).
  • Action 5: Develop the use of HVO fuel (hydrotreated vegetable oil).
  • Action 6: Develop the integration of electric vehicles into the fleet. 


  • Action 7: Improve the average eco-driving score of company truck drivers measured each month.
  • Action 8: Ensure that all drivers have completed all stages of the initial eco-driving training programme. 

Network Flow:  

  • Action 9: Optimise the volume/weight ratio of truck loads in palletised distribution.
  • Action 10: Reduce the redelivery rate.
  • Action 11: Develop solutions that combine rail and road transport.
  • Action 12: Support the company’s subcontractors in committing to the Objectif CO2 Charter and deepen collaboration with subcontractors that have already committed.  

Bruno Kloeckner, managing director, XPO Logistics – France, said, "As a transport leader in France, we have a responsibility to reduce our emissions and help our customers achieve more eco-friendly supply chain operations. Our teams are dedicated to implementing the 12 actions of our plan and making continuous progress on environmental issues as a long-time signatory of the Objectif CO2 Charter.” 
The Objective CO2 Charter, which XPO first signed in 2007, is part of the EVE (Voluntary Commitments for the Environment) programme, which aims to support companies in reducing the energy and environmental impact of their transport and logistics activities.