XPO Logistics, a leading provider of freight transportation services, has signed the French Diversity Charter and pledged its commitment to each of the six articles, ranging from diversity training of recruitment staff, to annual reporting of diversity measures. XPO’s signing of the charter reinforces its core values and code of business ethics — the framework for the company’s corporate social responsibility policies.

The French Diversity Charter was the first initiative of its kind in Europe, inspiring the current platform of 24 national diversity charters in the European Union. The charter strongly encourages the development of management and recruitment policies that respect individual differences and are based on trust. The charter is hosted by Les entreprises pour la CiteĢ, an organization that works to promote corporate social responsibility in France.

Emmanuel Mongnot, managing director – France, XPO Logistics, said, "Our XPO culture celebrates individuality, because we know we have a great deal to learn from each other. We believe that every employee has a role in making our workplace more inclusive — and we build on this with our internal policies and promotions. This leads to greater employee satisfaction, better performance and added value for our customers.”

Damien Delurier, regional director, Les Entreprises pour la Cité, said, “Together with Yann Tanguy, General Secretary of the French Diversity Charter, I am proud to welcome XPO Logistics as a new signatory this year. We look forward to introducing the charter to XPO’s executive committee, managers and employees in the coming months through a collaborative training program.”

In the traditionally male-dominated transportation industry, XPO’s commitment to diversity has notably opened the door to opportunities for women — over 30% of all managers and 20% of all employees in the company’s French operations are women. This year, XPO assigned two female drivers to pilot trucks along the Tour de France route as part of the company’s longstanding transport partnership with A.S.O., the Tour organizer.

In addition, XPO invests in career development opportunities for young people through apprenticeship contracts and professional training contracts that provide valuable business experience. The company also works with specialist partners to ensure that employees with disabilities receive the necessary mentoring and support.