XPO Logistics signs ambitious agreement with its social partners to promote gender equality and quality of life at work

XPO, a leading provider of innovative and sustainable end-to-end logistics solutions across Europe, has signed a Group agreement with its social partners, committing the company to specific measures in gender equality and quality of work. At the national annual meeting between the XPO's management and trade unions in France held last December, a Group agreement was signed which sets out precise, measurable objectives and concrete actions to be taken. XPO Logistics is making additional commitments to remain a model responsible employer. 
The new 4-year agreement covers XPO´s 7,000 employees in France and also allows for the implementation of measures at a local level. On a national level, XPO Logistics is committed to: 

  • Improve gender balance in professions where women are under-represented, by identifying positions where there is an imbalance and promoting these professions at trade fairs, open days and other forums. In the case of drivers, who are predominantly male, XPO has been working for several years to promote women in these roles and attract women to positions that are open to all.
  • Emphasise training, continuing to ensure that women have equal access to training and committing to educate managers in non-discrimination, particularly as it relates to gender.
  • Ensure equal access to professional promotion, using as an indicator the percentage of women promoted compared to the percentage of men. XPO Logistics is also committed to continuing to promote women into management positions.
  • Maintain efforts to ensure equal pay for women and men by regularly comparing salaries and adjusting where unjustified differences exist.
  • Ensure the best possible conditions for returning to work after maternity, parental or adoption leave. The aim is for 100% of cases to be reviewed with the manager within 8 days of the employee's return to work.

Other measures are being implemented to prevent discrimination, strengthen equal opportunities, promote professional integration, and help employees with disabilities to remain in the workforce. In addition, the company is taking steps to promote a healthy work-life balance, including through flexible working hours and support for parents and caregivers. 
To ensure a positive quality of work life and optimal working conditions, XPO Logistics has agreed with its social partners on the following measures:

  • Promote health and safety at work, through the company’s internal "Drive To Zero" programme, a psychological helpline and training initiative for managers on psychosocial risks.  This objective will also be pursued through programmes such as Carcept Prev's "Transportez-Vous Bien" initiative, which offers a series of preventive measures related to occupational health issues such as sleep, nutrition and posture.
  • Continue its efforts to improve working conditions as they relate to equipment - particularly company vehicles - the organisation and distribution of work, the integration and follow-up of employees, and the fight against harassment and discrimination.
  • Guarantee parenthood-friendly measures, such as retention of salary during maternity, paternity or adoption leave, equivalence of parental leave with actual working time for seniority purposes, and support in the event of the loss of a child and for medically assisted procreation.
  • Implement initiatives that recognize employees and contribute to their well-being at work. XPO Logistics will continue to implement programmes that have already made it possible to highlight the work and commitment of its teams.

Gaëlle Provensal-Raoux, Human Resources Director - France, XPO Logistics, said: "Our joint work with our social partners is essential, and we are extremely pleased to be able to draw up ambitious agreements that go beyond legal obligations and contribute broadly to the well-being of our employees. Well aware of the importance of social dialogue, we have been working with trade unions on key issues for many years, with a strong commitment to promoting professional equality and ensuring the well-being and safety of all our employees". 
In 2021, XPO signed the French Diversity Charter from Entreprises pour la Cité to further underline the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.