XPO continues to connect European trade areas with five new multimodal corridors

With its fleet of P400 semi-trailers, XPO will save an estimated 10 million kilograms of CO2 emissions

XPO, a leading provider of innovative and sustainable transport and logistics solutions in Europe, has put 100 advanced P400 semi-trailers onto the road to increase its multimodal transport services offering. This specialized fleet will further enable XPO to achieve its sustainability goals by reducing annual CO2 emissions by 10 million kilograms by making up to 10,000 trips each year by combined road and rail from the Iberian Peninsula to key locations across Europe. 
XPO is currently operating with these semi-trailers on multimodal corridors connecting the Iberian Peninsula with France, Germany and Benelux, multimodal routes that offer more freight capacity to XPO’s customers. The company plans to use them on five new routes: Barcelona - Bettembourg (Luxembourg); Barcelona - Duisburg (Germany); Perpignan - Valenton (southern Paris); Le Boulou - Calais (France), and Novara (Italy) - Duisburg (Germany). 
Massimo Marsili, XPO’s managing director – Southern Europe and Morocco, said: "We are fully focused on reducing our carbon footprint and to support the environmental goals of our customers. This initiative is another step forward in our strategy to expand our multimodal transport solutions offerings. It´s especially encouraging that, in addition to offering more freight capacity to the market, we’re helping to reduce CO2 emissions meaningfully. It would take 2.4 million trees one year to absorb this amount of CO2.” 
The P400 model is the ultimate semi-trailer in multimodal freight transport, combining road, rail and sea transport. This model has standard dimensions with a maximum height of four meters, which allows the semi-trailer to be transported by train. When the semi-trailer is lifted, each unit is placed on the train without the tractor unit and, when it arrives at its destination, the reverse procedure is carried out. The semi-trailer is lifted again and hitched to the tractor unit to continue its journey by road. 
XPO’s innovative service offerings include technology-enabled truckload, less-than-truckload, truck brokerage, managed transport, last mile and freight forwarding. The company tailors its solutions to customer-specific needs across a range of consumer and industrial sectors and world-class events.