XPO Partner Day brings together more than 200 top service providers and company executives in Madrid

XPO, a leading provider of innovative transport and logistics solutions in Europe, hosted its 2023 XPO Partner Day on February 24 in Madrid. This year’s event brought together more than 200 participants, including XPO’s top transport providers and company executives in the region, under the theme "Let's write the next chapter together".

XPO used the event to celebrate the strong collaboration between the company and its transport partners and foster networking. The agenda focused on developments in the company’s value-added service offering, such as digital tools and other technological applications, multimodal solutions, and initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions.

Massimo Marsili, XPO’s managing director – Southern Europe and Morocco, commented: "At XPO, we know that our leadership in the transport sector relies on our ability to continually deliver more value to our customers, and so it is essential that we work together with our transport partners. Our objectives are always to offer high capacity, quality of service and operational excellence, as well as a business relationship based on trust. By listening to our partners and meeting their needs, we ensure that their relationships with XPO are productive for their businesses.”

XPO is a leading innovator of transport services in Europe, including technology-enabled truckload, less-than-truckload, truck brokerage, managed transport, last mile and freight forwarding. The company tailors its solutions to customer-specific needs across a range of consumer, trade and industrial sectors and world-class events.