Real-life scenarios defined by XPO and Pôle Emploi test natural and technical abilities and promote equal opportunities

XPO, a leading provider of freight transportation services, has committed to a pilot project with Pôle Emploi, the French national employment agency, to recruit by simulation for XPO’s Calais facility. The aim is to recruit truck drivers in a new way that differs from the traditional method of curriculum vitae evaluation, thus promoting equal opportunities to the widest possible range of candidates. 
The method consists of a series of exercises defined jointly by XPO and Pôle Emploi to evaluate technical abilities, soft skills and behaviour expected on the job, rather than rely on diplomas. A successful candidate receives training and a heavy goods vehicle license with a Formation Initial Minimum Obligatoire (FIMO) transport qualification. Only two prerequisites are necessary to participate: the candidate must be at least 18 years old and hold a “B” driving license. The process is organised as four steps: 
Participants are first invited to an information meeting with Pôle Emploi and AFTRAL, the leading French training organization in transport and logistics. Following a presentation of the position and XPO’s business and objectives, interested candidates can choose to take the next step. 
Candidates engage in a series of tabletop simulation exercises that take the form of logic, situational and speed games. The exercises determine the candidate’s respect for standards and instructions, ability to work autonomously and willingness to take initiative. Additional evaluations relate to customer service skills and the abilities to work well under pressure and maintain focus over time. 

On-site interview  
A candidate who has successfully completed the simulation exercises undergoes an in-depth motivational interview with the staff manager of the XPO facility recuiting for the position. 
As the final step, candidates selected for employment as drivers participate in 15 days of immersion training with XPO drivers as part of their instruction to attain a commercial truck driving license. 
Gaëlle Provensal-Raoux, human resources director for XPO in France, said: "Our trial of this cutting-edge recruitment method is consistent with our approach to promoting diversity and inclusion. It gives everyone the same initial opportunity, and it allows us to recruit candidates with different profiles and backgrounds to enrich our company’s culture. Our first session started in October and is still going on with 10 candidates who are training for permanent jobs as drivers with XPO. We are already considering another session“.