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Interior of an XPO cross dock

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New site in Lomme, France

XPO expands its distribution and last mile delivery capabilities with the opening of a new site in Lomme

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Appointment of David Picking

New technology director for the UK and Ireland

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Automated delivery communications

XPO continues to enhance the last mile experience with the launch of automated delivery communications for consumers

XPO truck in front of site

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XPO and Lakeland

XPO and Lakeland accelerate operational excellence in UK distribution for efficiency and sustainability gains

Container lifted by reach stacker

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Socially Responsible Company

XPO is named one of the most socially responsible companies in France for the third year

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A New Office in Tangier, Morocco

XPO expands service to customers in Morocco with the opening of a new office in Tangier

XPO truck at an ASA site

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XPO and Gruppo ASA

XPO and Gruppo ASA prepare to expand partnership with innovative multimodal solutions to reduce carbon footprint

School children smiling

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New Partnerships for Inclusion

XPO commits resources to foster inclusion of vulnerable populations through new partnerships with L’Entreprise des Possibles, Energie Jeunes and Télémaque

XPO truck in front of Toulouse LTL site

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Expanding Distribution Centre

XPO Logistics Expands Capacity at Its Toulouse Distribution Centre