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Responsible transport and logistics label

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FNTR’s Premium ESG Label

XPO is awarded FNTR’s premium ESG label in France for "Responsible Transport and Logistics"

Containers on the rail

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Wavin: Road-Rail Freight Solution

XPO reduces carbon footprint for Wavin in the UK with innovative road-rail freight solution

RSE XPO Logistics France

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Reducing the Environmental Impact

XPO Logistics Continues to Invest in Reducing the Environmental Impact of Its Operations in France

Mobile app and XPO truck

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Enhancing Carrier Productivity

XPO Logistics invests in digitization to help full truckload carriers enhance productivity

XPO & Disability Equality Index

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Indice di Pari Opportunità

XPO, riconosciuta per l'Indice di Pari Opportunità per le Persone con Disabilità 2022

Partner Day Presentation by Massimo Marsili

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XPO Holds Annual Partner Convention

XPO Logistics Holds Its Annual Partner Convention in Madrid

XPO employees

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Alliance with Florida Universitària

XPO will open its facilities to students who want to learn more about careers in the transport and logistics sector

Led lit XPO site

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Sustainability Initiatives

All sites use 100% renewable energy and 85% of surface area is lit with LED technology

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Head of Technology di Europa

XPO Logistics appoints Nigel Rouch as Head of Technology in Europe