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XPO truck leaving a site

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XPO and Cromwell Tools

XPO Logistics expands overnight retail distribution service in the UK with Cromwell Tools partnership

Truck infront of the ship

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XPO Combines Land and Sea Transport

XPO Logistics launches multimodal transport services between the Iberian Peninsula and Italy

LED lighting

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Milestones in UK Energy Efficiency

XPO has announced significant progress in reducing the environmental impact of its operations in the UK and Ireland

RSE XPO Logistics France

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XPO réduit l'impact des opérations

XPO Logistics poursuit ses investissements pour réduire l'impact environnemental de ses opérations en France

Duotrailer Stellantis

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Duotrailer for Stellantis Group

XPO Logistics launches a duotrailer FTL transport solution for Stellantis Group in the Iberian Peninsula

XPO Customer Care representative

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Digital Customer Service Launch

XPO Logistics Launches Its Integrated Digital Customer Service Management Platform on the Iberian Peninsula

Construction logistics

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Etex Renews UK Partnership with XPO

Partnering with Etex, offers XPO an integrated solution supporting additional activities such as managed gatehouse with security function.

XPO Truck

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Un an de collaboration avec NAOS

Un an de collaboration entre XPO et NAOS pour les marques BIODERMA, Institut Esthederm et Etat Pur

Mobile app and XPO truck

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Enhancing Carrier Productivity

XPO Logistics invests in digitization to help full truckload carriers enhance productivity