XPO, a leading provider of innovative and sustainable transport and logistics solutions in Europe, is now offering 10 days of additional paid leave for colleagues in the UK and Ireland (UK&I) who are dealing with a miscarriage or stillbirth. This applies to all colleagues in any relationship.

Recent research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) showed that 74% of companies in the UK&I provide little or no time off, or other services, for employees experiencing pregnancy loss through miscarriage or stillbirth. If someone experiences a miscarriage or stillbirth which occurs after 24 weeks, it is possible to take maternity or paternity leave. But before this, any leave would come under sick leave for the woman suffering the miscarriage or stillbirth and would require a note from a medical doctor. This would not be open to partners who also suffered the impact of a miscarriage or stillbirth.This prompted XPO to benchmark its efforts against the best employers in the UK&I and assess how it could better support team members. This resulted in an enhanced policy of 10 days of paid leave for those who may need the time, space, and care following such a distressing personal event.

Lynn Brown, vice president – human resources – UK and Ireland, XPO Logistics, said: “It’s important to our people and XPO that we care for the wellbeing of our work-based family. We are not content to do the minimum required by law. When pregnancy loss impacts families, it is important that they have the time and support needed as well as access to great care, and our new policy helps to support this.”

XPO is now also offering additional paid leave for fertility treatment, another way in which the company further ensures added help for UK&I colleagues and their families.