XPO, a leading provider of innovative transport and logistics solutions in Europe, has committed to helping women end ‘period poverty’ by making feminine hygiene products available at its sites in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company has initiated a phased roll-out of no-cost vending machines for sanitary pads and tampons following successful trials in 2022. XPO intends the products to be an ongoing benefit for women who work at XPO.   
Menstrual hygiene is an important part of basic sanitation and reproductive health services, yet many women struggle to afford sanitary products. ‘Period poverty’ affects millions of women in the UK and Ireland and is becoming more severe with economic inflation, forcing women to choose between their health and basic necessities, such as food and fuel. 
Lynn Brown, XPO’s vice president, human resources – UK and Ireland, commented, “Accessible sanitary products are fundamentally important to a woman’s dignity and wellbeing. This initiative provides practical support to our female colleagues and is an additional way to ensure gender equity. We’re committed to equal opportunities for everyone at XPO.” 
XPO’s 2022 UK Gender Pay Gap Reports show near parity in its Transport Solutions employee population and a  slightly higher comparative pay for female employees of its Bulk Transport business. Amongst the diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) data reported across all UK operations are year-over-year increases of 42% in graded roles and in apprenticeships held by women, and increases in the number of women participating in Level One and Level Two leadership development programmes.