XPO, a leading provider of innovative and sustainable end-to-end logistics solutions across Europe, today announced plans to convert its fleet of company vehicles in France to run exclusively on alternative fuels in lieu of diesel. This decision is in line with the company’s long-standing commitment to implementing concrete initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of its operations, including its carbon footprint. 
XPO Logistics has launched a programme for employees who are entitled to use a company-owned vehicle, offering them the opportunity to exchange their diesel- or petrol-powered car for  a hybrid (petrol/electric) or 100% electric car. New, eligible employees also are able to opt for hybrid or electric company vehicles. Currently, 44 of XPO's 182 company cars in France are 100% electric, representing almost 25% of the fleet. This figure is significantly higher than the prevalence of electric vehicles in business fleets overall in France, which currently are in the 10-15% range. The XPO fleet also includes 121 hybrids, representing 66% of the total number of company vehicles, and 13 additional hybrid cars are on order. 
For employees who opt to drive a 100% electric vehicle, XPO will cover the cost of installing a home charging station. The company also provides a charging card, allowing employees to be reimbursed for the cost of recharging their vehicles for business purposes as well as for using the same station for personal recharging. 
Bruno Kloeckner, Managing Director – France, XPO Logistics, said: “The conversion of our company car fleet is not only an additional step towards reducing the impact of our operations, it also represents another important way for us to attract and retain employees. The enthusiasm we are seeing from our teams demonstrates their genuine concern about environmental issues and their desire for effective solutions to reduce their carbon footprint.” 
In Europe, XPO Logistics is a leading innovative supply chain company, offering end-to-end logistics solutions that combine full-truckload, less-than-truckload, pallet distribution, last-mile delivery, global freight forwarding, and warehousing services. The company tailors its solutions to the specific needs of its customers in a wide range of industrial and consumer sectors.