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XPO HVO truck


Introducing Biofuel Solution

XPO Logistics introduces sustainable biofuel solution during the Tour de France

KeyPL is XPO's 4PL solution


Outsourcing Logistics to a 4PL

In this blog, Luis Gomez explains how our 4PL partnerships deliver visibility, operational performance and cost savings

XPO Apprentices


Ambition Welcome

Ambition Welcome: XPO Apprenticeships Unlock Mutual Growth


You Grow, We Grow: Driver Training

Dan Myers details our programme, encompassing driver apprenticeships, competitive benefits, and upskilling.

Two men looking at data on a monitor


Improving the Customer Experience

Nigel Rouch discusses how digital collaboration can improve the customer experience and increase loyalty

Greener Transport Solutions


Partnering for Greener Solutions

Luis Gómez explains how we help our customers reduce their transportation emissions by taking the three following steps


Safety at Heart

Malcolm Wilson reflects on XPO’s commitment to safety on World Day for Health and Safety at work

Women in an XPO transport depot


Choosing to Challenge at XPO

Josephine Berisha celebrates women's essential role at XPO on International Women's Day

Pictures of XPO employees in a collage


Our European Charitable Initiatives

Malcolm Wilson shares XPO’s community engagement across Europe in the COVID-19 climate