Today, on International Women's Day, I invite you to celebrate the women across our company and their contributions to our operations every day. This day is not only a global celebration but also a reminder of our ongoing commitment to creating a workplace where everyone, irrespective of gender, can thrive. 

Over the last year, we've done more than just talk about our Diversity & Inclusion goals—we’ve been steaming ahead towards them. We've trained our managers to prevent discrimination, made sure our hiring and promotion practices support diversity, and adapted our policies to better serve the varied communities where we operate. 

We also embraced the European Statement of Purpose on Diversity & Inclusion, a crucial move in our journey that helps us focus on building a fair workplace where every employee  can grow, acknowledging the contributions each person makes. Our fantastic achievements so far are a testament to our collective effort.

Notably, we have seen a significant increase in female leadership: 31.1% of our managerial roles are now held by women—a figure that rises significantly in graded positions.

Women now make up 18.4% of our workforce (above the industry average) and we've reached a nearly 40% increase in the number of female drivers over the last three years. 
Our journey is ongoing, and each step we take towards diversity enriches our culture and strengthens our resolve. 
By respecting and recognising the unique value each individual brings to XPO, we forge a stronger, more inclusive future.