Mohamed Gourmat is the embodiment of discipline and skill in his profession – and is XPO's candidate for the title of Best Truck Driver in France, 2023

XPO, a leading provider of innovative and sustainable end-to-end logistics solutions across Europe, is extremely proud to have a member of its team as a candidate for the title of France's Best Truck Driver, 2023.

Organized once again by Carcept Prev, AFTRAL, AFT and OPCO Mobilités, the fifth edition of the Trophée des Routiers event aims to promote the logistics profession – highlighting the know-how and skills required by men and women in road transport and underlining their importance to society.

Between May and July 2023, nearly 300 candidates from all 12 mainland France metropolitan regions and more than 80 administrative divisions (départements) competed to become the best road transport driver in their regions and reach the finals.

The selection process included tests on road safety, health and the environment, as well as practical tests on simulated manoeuvres and eco-driving on the road. The 17 finalists will meet in the Paris region on Thursday, September 21 for the last stage of the competition. 

For this 2023 edition, XPO had 10 participants, including 2 female drivers. As the inclusion of women in the transport and logistics professions is a key aspect of XPO Logistics' CSR policy, women were encouraged to apply for the competition in France.

Mohamed Gourmat, the finalist who will represent XPO Logistics, has been a professional driver since 2006 and joined the XPO site in Gennevilliers in February 2016. He is a passionate eco-driver and, like all XPO drivers, takes the principles of sustainability and innovation he is taught and applies them to his driving practice.

This includes controlling fuel consumption by driving smoothly and regularly, optimizing routes to avoid traffic congestion and detours, and using equipment efficiently, among other techniques designed to help the environment and provide a forward-thinking service to clients. XPO Logistics provides continuous professional training to its teams in health and safety as well, a subject in which Mohamed Gourmat excelled during the regional tests.

Gaelle Provensal-Raoux, Human Resources Director – France, XPO Logistics, said: "We are proud to have one of our drivers as a finalist in the Trophée des Routiers. This result is a testament to his talent and illustrates the importance that XPO Logistics attaches to the know-how of its drivers, as well as to continuous training, safety and the environment".

In France, XPO Logistics employs around 4,000 drivers at its 90 sites for all types of vehicles: heavy trucks, light vehicles, tankers, flatbeds, refrigerated and bulk trucks.