XPO innovates the transition from diesel to HVO fuel with the launch of a new decarbonisation initiative

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XPO, a leading provider of freight transportation services, has taken another concrete action to help its customers achieve their sustainability goals. XPO’s Low Emission Sustainable Solution (LESS) is an innovative decarbonization initiative that gives road transport customers a way to replace diesel fuel with hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) in the fuel supply. 
HVO is a fully renewable fuel that can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90%, compared to conventional diesel. LESS is an optional programme offered to all customers, even if HVO is not available for their specific distribution activities. Customers subsidize the cost of HVO litres equivalent to the number of diesel litres consumed by some or all of their transport activities, effectively replacing diesel with HVO in XPO’s fuel supply infrastructure.  
Following an independent audit by DEKRA, a global leader in vehicle services, XPO has obtained a sustainability certificate as an alternative solution supplier. The audit verifies XPO’s fuel traceability process and enables the company to issue certificates to participating customers each year end, documenting the emissions reduction. The customer then has an authenticated record of progress on reducing environmental impact. 
Bruno Kloeckner, XPO’s managing director – France, said: "We are proud to introduce the LESS programme, which illustrates our capacity for innovation with decarbonisation, both for our company and our customers. Fuel-efficient solutions are in high demand in response to the importance customers are placing on climate actions. We believe that the future of sustainable road transport is linked to a non-traditional, multi-energy mix supported by all parties.” 
XPO is increasingly using HVO in its transport network to align with its CSR strategy, which establishes climate action as a key priority. In 2022, during the Tour de France, the company used 49,000 litres of HVO to transport equipment and supplies for the race. XPO will support the Tour de France again in 2023 as the official transport partner for the 43rd year.