XPO Logistics Invests in Digitization To Help Full Truckload Carriers Enhance Productivity

XPO Logistics, a leading provider of freight transportation services, has announced the implementation of new technology tools to help full truckload (FTL) carriers enhance productivity and utilise their vehicles most efficiently.

XPO’s recent digitization initiatives streamline administrative processes for the company’s independent carrier network and track kilometers per load, among other functions. In addition, XPO deployed artificial Intelligence to forecast weekly FTL demand levels and preplan for truckload capacity.

The new capabilities are part of XPO’s transport technology ecosystem built around its XPO Connect system and Drive XPO mobile app. These digital tools have been widely adopted by the company’s carrier network in Spain and provide its partners with significant advantages in load management, traceability of goods in transit, documentation of deliveries, and route planning to reduce empty kilometres and driving times.

Massimo Marsili, managing director – Southern Europe and Morocco, XPO Logistics, said, "Investment in technology is a constant priority at XPO. We are committed to digitalization that strengthens the functioning of supply chains and reduces risk for shippers. Our carriers are essential to this evolution, and we want to support them in being as productive as possible.”

In addition to technology, XPO has expanded its managed transport and carrier service teams to provide personalised support for FTL carriers, such as the targeted assignment of loads that match a carrier’s preferences.