XPO Logistics Awarded Exclusive Hydrogen Fuel Distribution Contract by Element 2

XPO Logistics, a leading provider of freight transportation services, has been awarded an exclusive distribution contract by Element 2, a fast-growing retailer of hydrogen fuel for UK commercial road fleets and consumers. Element 2 is investing in deploying safe, high-quality hydrogen refuelling stations across the UK and Ireland with a goal of complete market coverage by 2027.  
Under the multi-year agreement, XPO will begin by transporting hydrogen fuel from partner production sites to Element 2 refuelling stations in the North and Midlands regions. The scope of XPO’s services will expand nationally in line with the network as additional production partners and retailing sites come online.   
XPO, an experienced bulk fuels transport provider, will utilise a dedicated fleet of gas trailers and specially trained drivers to collect and distribute the hydrogen fuel. The company has developed a customised solution for Element 2 that includes central control and end-to-end visibility of distribution activities managed on XPO’s technology platform. 
James Harris, chief operating officer, Element 2, said, “The safe, reliable transport of hydrogen across our network is of critical importance to our mission and to the success of the hydrogen economy. We’re very pleased to be able to work with one of the UK’s most trusted names in transportation to serve our locations and valued customers. We’re primed and ready to fuel the country’s road transport sector with high quality, clean hydrogen fuel.”   
Dan Myers, managing director – UK and Ireland, XPO Logistics, said, “We share Element 2’s commitment to decarbonising the UK economy and firmly believe that green hydrogen will be playing a critical part in achieving this vital aim. Together, we’ll be creating a network to support UK commercial transport in making the necessary step change to a carbon-neutral future.”