Partnering to Design Greener Solutions

One of the questions we frequently get from our customers is also one of my favorites to help answer: “How can XPO Logistics help my business reduce its carbon emissions?”

Helping our customers make their operations more sustainable is a major focus point for us. As companies across the region celebrated European Sustainable Development Week, I’d like to share some insight into how we help our customers reduce their transportation emissions by taking the three following steps:

1. Understanding our customers’ needs with data and technology

Our team engages with each customer to gain total visibility into their current processes, industry-specific needs and goals for emissions reduction. By understanding the products our customers ship and how frequently they ship them, we’re able to design the most efficient solutions possible using our technology
25% of the miles trucks run in Europe are empty miles according to the PPMC. Optimizing truckloads and transport assets by means of data and digitalization is a huge opportunity to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

2. Improving processes with our engineering teams

  • Alternative fuels and modes

Across Europe, on top of our Euro VI fleet covering more than 90% of our trucks, we offer alternative fuel solutions including GNL/GNC, electric, biogas and biodiesel. We’re also exploring the promise of hydrogen-powered vehicles through collaborative pilot projects. We’re committed to becoming more sustainable through investments in LED lighting, solar panels and using renewable energy in our sites.

In Paris, for example, we use boats as part of the delivery process for supermarkets: instead of using multiple trucks from warehouses to small shops, boats deliver containers to a dock and gas trucks deliver the items. By optimizing the supply chain networks and bringing goods closer to their destination, we’re able to reduce emissions. 

  • Machine learning to optimize routes and resources

Our customers also have access to our digital freight platform, XPO Connect™. It uses machine learning to transform data into actionable insights, helping carriers decrease empty miles and gain access to massive volume.

3. Measuring as a tool for progress

We feel very strongly that to lessen our environmental impact, we must carefully measure what we’re doing. Using technology allows us to benchmark our progress.

  • Digital monitoring of our driving activity

We’re able to measure the driving patterns of our vehicles, which assists in providing drivers with suggestions for more eco-friendly driving routes. Our drivers receive extensive ecodriving training during their induction period and every 12 months thereafter.

  • Leading the way on transport emission tracking

Ten years ago, our IT teams designed and built a technology that provides a measurement of Co2 emissions by calculating a variety of factors including weight of the vehicle and distance traveled, among others. We’re currently deploying the EcoTransIT tool, the world’s most widely used software. We’re committed to constantly innovating ways to track emissions outputs so we can design solutions to reduce them.

For more information on what XPO is doing to become more energy efficient, check out our annual sustainability report. For help with your transportation needs, contact us.