False Union Report About XPO’s Workplace

A union report released on October 7 repeats old, inaccurate allegations that were previously debunked. The sole purpose of the report is to further the unions’ financial agenda. The fact is, XPO employees in the US have overwhelmingly elected to remain union-free, including recently, when our employees voted down the union four times after four different organizing campaigns. In Europe, we have collaborative relationships with the Works Councils. 

Our highest priority has always been to keep our people safe. We took this to a new level at the onset of the pandemic, and we’ve gone beyond the guidance of leading health organizations in ensuring the safety of our operations. We’ve also communicated transparently about these measures, and we reinforce them to our employees. Any contrary claim is false. 

XPO has nearly 100,000 diverse employees across the globe. They come to work every day united in their mission to provide exceptional service to our customers and develop their skills. We work hard to retain our talent and maintain the privilege of being considered a workplace of choice