XPO Forms Steering Committee to Advance Diversity and Inclusion

Aiming to take a more structured approach to moving its ambitious diversity and inclusion agenda forward, XPO has formed the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Steering Committee. So far, 29 leaders from across XPO’s operations in North America and Europe have stepped up to take part in this transformative initiative.

The Committee is focused on identifying the diversity and inclusion needs of the business, and developing strategies to foster a culture in which every employee feels valued and experiences a true sense of belonging. Its formal mission statement gets right to the point:

“Our mission is to promote diversity, inclusion and respect across our organization, serving as role models and leaders while being a collective catalyst for understanding and valuing the uniqueness of all XPO employees.”

The Committee members have also united around a vision statement that’s both aspirational and inspirational:

“To move the world forward by empowering an enterprise and local ‘OneXPO’ culture, where people aspire to work because we value individuals’ diverse voices, talents, identities, backgrounds and experiences to drive our innovation into the future and deliver superior business results.”

Eager to move as rapidly as possible, the Committee has already developed an aggressive action plan that’s yielded eight initial workstreams:

  • Communications
  • Diversity Recruiting
  • Employee Resource Groups
  • External Partnerships and Community Engagement
  • External Speaker Series
  • Organizational and Culture Assessment
  • Performance Management
  • Supplier Diversity Program

These workstreams coalesce around a determination to drive accountability and measurable results internally, and to serve as a valued partner in the broader community’s quest to promote social justice.