XPO Logistics Electricity Use in Spain Certified as 100% Renewable

XPO Logistics, a leading global provider of transportation and logistics solutions, has announced that all of the electricity consumed by the company’s offices and warehouses in Spain is now 100% renewable – meaning that the environmental impact of its electricity amounts to 0 kg of CO2 per kWh and 0 mg of radioactive waste per kWh. This milestone, certified by Engie España and CNMC (Spanish National Commission of Markets and Competition), affirms the company’s commitment to continuously improve the environmental performance of its operations.

Malcolm Wilson, chief executive officer of XPO Logistics Europe, said: "Our customers share our commitment to environmental stewardship and look to us to help reduce the environmental impact of their supply chains. We’re pleased to contribute to a sustainable economy by using a 100% renewable electricity supply in Spain.”

XPO makes ongoing investments in its global operations to eliminate waste in its warehouses, reduce vehicle emissions and decrease empty miles. The company recently launched the XPO Connect digital freight platform in Europe, where it is a leader in integrating alternative fuel vehicles into its fleet. In Spain, XPO has a fleet of mega-trucks that reduce CO2 emissions by up to 20%.