Digitalization and urban logistics: XPO Logistics highlights its innovative vision for the future of supply chain at SITL 2017

The company is a proponent of continual investment in advanced technology to serve customers in an evolving supply chain world.

Bertrand Le Goff, managing director–supply chain at XPO Logistics in France, will participate in a roundtable entitled “From the factory of the future to the last mile: are logistics providers taking the digital route?”. The session will be an opportunity for M. Le Goff to call attention to the significant investments made by supply chain providers in areas such as big data, automated processes and new, sustainable approaches to urban logistics.

Alexis Guyonnet, sales director–transport solutions at XPO Logistics in France, will present XPO’s current projects in urban logistics during a roundtable entitled “Best practices and experiments in urban logistics”. M. Guyonnet will share details of XPO’s successful use of the Seine for inland water transport and the company’s investment in gas-powered fleet for one of its pallet distribution centres close to Paris. These activities align with XPO’s commitment to lower the environmental impact of urban logistics and, in doing so, serve the sustainability goals of large cities.

XPO Logistics sees its proprietary technology as being critical to continuously improving customer service and leveraging scale. The company has an IT organization of approximately 1,600 individuals worldwide, and its annual investment in technology is amongst the highest in the industry.

To learn more about XPO Logistics’ vision for the future of supply chain, please attend these SITL conferences on 14 March 2017:

  • “From the factory of the future to the last mile: are logistics providers taking the digital route?”: Speakers include Bertrand Le Goff, managing director–supply chain, XPO Logistics in France (3.45 – 5:15 pm, Room 1).
  • “Best practices and experiments in urban logistics”: Speakers include Alexis Guyonnet, sales director–transport solutions, XPO Logistics in France (5.00 – 6.00 pm, Room 2).

More information about XPO’s investments in innovation is provided here